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Roger Musgrove/Original Owner/Founder

Horses were always an important part of Roger's life.  It was a long time dream to own his own indoor riding arena large enough for the Thurston County Posse to hold regular practices in and large enough for gaming events.  Prior to beginning building what would later become Flying M Stables, he first made a 1/2 mile race/exercise track which is still part of the facility today.  Then he added a covered outdoor picnic area which has been the location of countless celebrations over the years enjoyed by thousands.  In the early 90's, Roger, with the help of friends, family and others - began building the indoor riding arena and boarding stables.  The arena walls, the stalls and much more was from wood milled by Roger at his private saw mill.  Before he passed away in 2011 many different types events were held in his indoor arena, outdoor arena and track.  Roger especially loved penning, cutting and sorting.  He was on the Thurston County Posse for over 30 years participating in most all events offered.  He was a  supporter of local 4H clubs, Pony Clubs and Equestrian teams, he loved watching youth riders compete as this meant equine sports would continue to have a future here in Thurston County.

Roger is greatly missed and remembered by many, his legacy lives on here at Flying M Stables.  

Shannon Pearson/Co-Owner

Shannon began riding horses in the 80's, beginning with trail riding and a little round pen work.  He rode his friend's horses, his neighbor's horses, anyone's who would allow him to for several years!  His love for riding was rekindled in 2000 after he began dating his now wife, Sandie (Roger's daughter).  He purchased "Dolly" a QH Mare in 2001 and joined the Thurston County Posse where he competed in drill, track races, gaming events, and Team Penning.  A few horses later he now owns, Lightning, a trained cutting horse.  In 2015 with Lightning as his partner, Shannon earned 1st place in the State Posse Convention Cutting competition, taking away the Roger Musgrove Memorial Trophy!

When Roger passed away in 2011, Shannon was a Lineman working for a local power company.  Shannon took over many duties on the farm after Roger's death by working at the farm in the evenings and on the weekends, he did this for a few months until he and Sandie realized that schedule just could not be maintained, too much time with the family (Shannon and Sandie had 6 kids and 3 grandkids at the time of Roger's death) was being sacrificed.  Shannon quit his job as a Lineman and he, Sandie and their 3 kids still at home  moved into Roger's house on the farm.  

Beginning in 2013 Shannon began taking storm calls for local power companies to supplement the family's income.  Hiring extra help on the farm allowed Shannon to take a full-time position with Michel's power in 2014, he is currently working full-time as a General Foreman.  His Lineman schedule allows him to attend the local cattle sale a few times per month and keep up with weekend events.  To ensure plenty of time for the family, weekend events put on by Shannon and Sandie are now fewer and further between.     


Having Roger for a Father meant horses were always part of Sandie's life!  She began competing in horse shows at a young age.  To prove her desire to show competitively she first had to show definite NON show trained horses!  Memories of zooming around the arena passing all of the other participants at their slow lope on her dad's posse horse still haunt her memories! 

Although she loves the property now known as Flying M Stables, memories of riding on the 40+ acres that was mostly forest are very fond.  Making her own trails and riding to the creek, letting her trail horse loose to graze while sitting on a blanket by the creek eating lunch.

Sandie began managing the stables and arena in January of 2000.  Taking over management of employees, overseeing boarding, planning and putting on all arena events, creating and overseeing website, etc. 

When her father passed away in 2011, as expected, many rumors went around about Flying M being sold, or cattle events ceasing, etc.  When the reality was there was very little consideration to be had, Shannon and Sandie would carry on Roger's legacy by happily running  Flying M Stables. 

Richelle (with horse-loving daughter, Paige)

Richelle, eldest daughter of Shannon and Sandie, can often be found spending her weekends in Flying M's concession trailer cooking great food for shows and events.  Richelle's first job was caring for full-care horses at Flying M.  Richelle now just rides casually (usually along side one of her kids), but formerally was a member of a drill team and showed in schooling shows.


Jessica, 3rd child of Shannon and Sandie, fell in love with horses from a very early age.  Her 1st experience riding was while being held by Grandpa Roger at the picnic area at the baby shower thrown for by her family, she was just days old.  Jessica began competing on horseback at a very young age - performance shows, gaming, jumping, sorting, penning, steer daubing, drill, and more!  Jessica's first job was on the farm, it's where she loved being the most, she was very close with her Grandpa.  Recently when Shannon and Sandie ran into some employment issues for caring for full-care horses, Jess stepped in when needed most and helped out immensely, still helping out part-time she is at the stables nearly on a daily basis.

Tanner (with Flying M farm dog, Ruby)

Tanner is Shannon and Sandie's 4th child.  Although Tanner is a huge animal lover, he never found a love for riding horses, likely because playing baseball, basketball and football consumed most of his childhood.  But, he didn't let that stop him from stepping up to help out on the farm when grandpa Roger needed him, or more recently when Shannon went back back to work full-time.  Tanner primarily cares for all the cattle on the property, grooms and waters the arena, repairs fences, spends countless hours on the lawn mower, helps in the hay fields, keeps the full-care feed room stocked with hay and grain and pretty much whatever else his parents ask of him!


Chris certainly inherited grandpa's natural riding ability.  He has showed in performance shows, participated in many gaming events, has even done a little jumping, trail rides and loves to sort cattle.  Although Chris isn't old enough to work at the stables he is a big help in the hay fields in the summer.  It's also part of his regular summer routine to clean paddocks daily.


Nick is the youngest of the Pearson clan, but is very hard working.  Nick loves to work at the stables.  He helps out regularly in the concession trailer, helps at the desk during sorting practice, helps groom the arena and set up events at gaming shows, cleans paddocks and drives the truck in the hay fields.  Nick is also a natural rider and has competed in multiple disciplines.  Nick's greatest horse accomplishment was winning his first belt buckle on grandpa Roger's retired cutting horses, Calboy, when he was just 9 years old!  Like Grandpa, Nick's favorite equine sport is Team Penning.

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