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Training @ Flying M Stables

Are you looking for a trainer?  Well here at Flying M Stables we can help you with that.  We currently have one of the best trainers around that is more than capable of meeting your needs.  Whether you're looking to brush up your own riding skills or you have a horse that needs work, our trainer can help you out!

Ajia Laszinski:
Equine Services by: Ajia

Seeking a competitive edge in the performance pen? Or maybe you want something deeper?

My name is Ajia Lazinski and I have been training professionally and offering lessons out of Flying M Stables since 2011.  My program continues to evolve but is fundamentally centered around equine psychology and biomechanics - Helping the equine community to find a deeper level of communication with their horse(s) while enhancing performance.

Like and follow "Equine Services by AJIA" on Facebook ad Instagram where you can find reviews and more information.  Please note that I do travel to outside facilities for a commute cost, offer group lessons, clinics, consignment horses, pre-purchase evaluations, etc.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to get on my schedule or have any questions I can answer.

Tumwater High School EQ Team Gaming Coach (since 2014)

Ajia's Social Media Links

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Ajia Working with Anna Mills and her horse Satine

Outside Trainers

Trainers:  We do allow outside trainers to give lessons in our arena, however, you must provide a copy of your certificate of insurance naming Flying M Stables and Farm, LLC as additionally insured on the policy.  Submit valid copy once annually to give lessons here.  For additional explanation/details email:


Students:  If you come to Flying M to receive lessons, please be sure your trainer has submitted a copy of proof of insurance.

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