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Flying M Stables Open Ride Information


     Flying M Stables offers the ability to haul-in and utilize our 100’ x 220’ indoor arena year round.  The 115’ x 265’ outdoor arena, 60' round pen, and ½ mile exercise track are available, but during the fall/winter months they aren’t groomed and are use at your own risk.  Our facility is available for open ride any day/time unless otherwise reserved by a group or event.  We post all events/reservations of the arena to our calendar that you can access by clicking the calendar link above.  If there is nothing posted on a given day, then you can safely assume the arena is available.

     To use our facility, you MUST fill out and sign one of our waivers.  Waivers are posted next to the payment box just inside the arena entrance.  This waiver is needed one time unless your information has changed.  You also MUST sign the sign in sheet, also next to the payment box, and pay the arena fee of $15 per horse, PRIOR to entering the arena.  This fee is per horse and must be paid each time you haul-in.  Payment envelopes are provided next to the payment box and need to be labeled with rider’s name and date.  If you are going to use the lights, there are 2 labeled switches across from the payment box for haul-in riders to use.  If you are riding in the evening, we ask that the last to leave turns out all lights in the arena prior to leaving the building.


We offer a couple different payment options to frequent riders:


     Monthly haul-in pass (Single Rider): $90 up front to ride unlimited for one month.  Each additional month paid up front receives an additional $5 discount.  For example: Want unlimited rides for 4 months? – Pay $90 for first month, $85 for second month, $80 for third month, and $75 for fourth month for a total of $330 up front to receive 4 months of unlimited haul-ins.  Maximum of 6 months paid in advance.


     Family and Friends pass: Do you have a family of riders and horses? Or a group of friends that wants to ride together? Than a family and friends pass is what you need. $120 per month gets your family or group of friends unlimited haul-ins for the month ($5 discount per month paid up front applies to this pass as well). This pass is intended for families to haul-in together or a group of friends to haul-in together.  This pass is NOT intended for a group to split the cost of and ride solo.  Please see staff or contact us at 253-820-3533 for more information.  


You can make haul in payments via check/cash at the barn or use Venmo, scan the code here or posted at the barn payment box.

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